Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

MIPS Provides Facility of ACCREDITATION of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Certificate/Diplomas Professional in Any Fields of Education after Simple Test or Assignment.

Duration 1 Year Eligibility: Letter from Employee
+ Practical Experience
Preferred Graduate/Master
Marks 1000 Assessment Time 2 Months
Passing Marks 60% Award Time 8 Weeks
“RPL” is the formal acknowledgement of Skills, Knowledge, Practical Experience, and Competencies already obtained through  ………. Formal Training ………. Work Experience………. Life Experience (any field)

(RPL) Recognition of prior learning occurs when a person seeks, and gains recognition, for their skills and knowledge no matter when or how these were acquired. If what you have learned at work, with experience, from other trainings and courses, life experience or training provided at work relevant to your trade and profession, then you are quite eligible and entitled to gain Recognition on RPL.

RPL assesses a person’s prior learning against the competencies or learning outcomes of the particulars course/ Unit in which the person is enrolled or interested in to enroll in it.

The management simply requires following documents from the candidate:
1.Enrollment form available at
2.Experience Letter from the employer (Employment History)
3.Academic Qualification (Testimonials)
4.Copy of ID Card
5.2 Photographs
6.Requisite fee mentioned at website


Government Skill Development Council Lahore

Trade Testing Professional Council Rawalpindi

Courses Select

Three Months Certificate

Six Months Certificate

One Year Diplomas

Two Year Diplomas