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The launch of the Multan Institute of Professional Studies Multan is a historical milestone for Pakistan in the field of the Distance Learning Education, RPL and Experience Based Certification. It is expected to have great impact on the socio-economic growth of Pakistan.

Pakistan as a developing country offers a room for tremendous economic potential growth and professional excellence provided resources and mobilized in the right direction. Education and continuous training is the only best tool which enables the nations to set direction and achieve mission and goal. In today’@s world of electronic technology and internet related innovations have enabled the developed nations to leap ages forward than the under developing national by leveraging on the net facilities specifically quoting in the field fullest potential. For example, in the USAalmost 50% of Universities and Colleges are now formally offering online education through its virtual campuses. In our neighboring country as well, India has taken some very successful ventures and have declared era of classroom based education in India is over. Similarly in Pakistan as well the concept of on-line education has been taken at the Government level and full blown Virtual University is operating. Similarly following the concepts of Distance Learning Education, Allama Igbal Open University today has positioned itself as University offering one of largest number of disciplines in Education through its network of Distance Learning Education Centers.

The awareness and literacy rate in Pakistan is increasing rapidly. The net access in Pakistan has crossed the critical mark of 100 cities, There is great to capture the market by engaging the youth in productive activity rather than using internet as a means of entertainment vehicles. Management and Health Sciences training can enable youth and people of Pakistan groom and transform themselves into earning hand, whereby they can help themselves and the society in general.





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