Fast Track Education System(FTES)

MIPS Provides Facility of ACCREDITATION of Fast Track Education System(FTES) Certificate/Diplomas Professional in Any Fields of Education after Simple Test or Assignment.

Duration 1 Year Eligibility: 12 Year Education
Preferred Graduation
Marks 1000 Assessment Time 2 Months
Passing Marks 60% Award Time 4 Weeks
1.Innovative “24 hours accelerated learning format”

2.Completion “1 Year Diploma Course” just in 2 month time (study at your own convenience, schedule and pace)

COURSES at MIPS are intended to accelerate professional growth to success and to acknowledge the expertise and competencies of individual in their relative fields. While every professional is a “student” of their career industry, therefore, the individuals who register with MIPS are considered to be highly skilled and experienced in their commensurate specific trade. This FTES enables them to finish one year course with 2 months effectively at their own pace and in own convenient time, subject to fulfilling the assessment criteria for said course.

EACH registered student must complete their Assignment / home based short competency test (HBCT) well in time in order to be benefited from this scheme. Students following this system will also be given pro-rata attribution in 8 “set a side papers” based on aggregate marks secured in the conducted competency test. The Management will ensure on-line support and desired assistance to achieve this goal.


Government Skill Development Council Lahore

Trade Testing Professional Council Rawalpindi

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One Year Diplomas

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