About SDC

Skill Development Council, Lahore.

The Skill Development Council (SDC), Lahore has been constituted by the Ministry of Labor, Manpower & Overseas Pakistanis, Government of Pakistan on the initiative of World Bank, I.L.O. & Employer Federation of Pakistan under the National Training Ordinance – 1980, amendment ordinance 2002, to make the Technical & Vocational Training Programs more flexible, demand driven and cost effective with the maximum participation of Employers. It is basically an employer-led autonomous organization functioning under National Training Board on the methodology of public and private partnership. The main objective of Skill Development Council is to design and develop training courses in accordance with emerging needs with the involvement of experts from relevant industries. The SDC collaborates in partnership with industry Training Institutes / Technical Colleges and other organization to arrange training which is relevant, flexible and respond to the changing needs of the industry. The participation and co-operation of employers in its training activities is the main strength of the council that has made it most successful and sustainable model of public and private partnership in the technical education and training.

New Certificate Designs of Skill Development Council Lahore, Punja

SDC Lahore Punjab Certificate & Diploma Sample

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